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The movie some like it hot was remarkably ahead of time it features themes on issues that are being witnessed in the contemporary society in the movie, there is an issue of a man wanting to marry another man knowingly. Some like it hot is a very funny movie the film uses many ways to make the audience laugh, but mainly the film creates a situation where normal people would not encounter. Some like it hot is full of unpredictable situations there's the banquet where the other mobsters murder colombo and his men, allowing joe and jerry's escape the ending is an absolute classic, when jerry confesses to osgood fielding quite animatedly of his manhood. Some like it hot is not known for its mob ties jack lemmon and tony curtis, carrying their awkwardly-shaped bass-case and sax-box, dressed in drag, is the memorable image it would be easy to. What a work of art and nature is marilyn monroe she hasn't aged into an icon, some citizen of the past, but still seems to be inventing herself as we watch her she has the gift of appearing to hit on her lines of dialogue by happy inspiration, and there are passages in billy wilder's some like it.

Tags beijing, china film, china film review, china hollywood, china movies, dong xu, film reviews, some like it hot, song xiaofei about the author jonathan landreth was the founding editor of china film insider in july 2015, and helped build cfi in its first year. Read the full synopsis of some like it hot, 1959, directed by billy wilder, with marilyn monroe, tony curtis, jack lemmon, at turner classic movies. But that didn't stop the american film institute from ranking the top 100 american movie comedies, topped by some like it hot you'll get no argument from most people, but wilder was a bit. The legacy of some like it hot (sd, 20 min) - this features more interviews with the filmmakers and cast along with some film critics, director curtis hansen, and hugh hefner emphasis is placed on the positives and negatives of working with marilyn monroe and the lasting impression of her performance and the film as a whole, including its.

For a movie made by a supposedly cynical director, some like it hot is a sentimental career highlight the star sex attraction on the screen, marilyn is the center of the show she was also the source of many headaches during filming. Some like it hot movie critique some like it hot is a very funny movie the film uses many ways to make the audience laugh, but mainly the film creates a 284 words. Some like it hot is a solid, funny little old film that retains few of its best chuckle inducers today it's not a bad film, but it's nowhere near great, much less 'greatest,' territory- as it was named the greatest comedy of all time by the american film institute, and hit 14th on their list of greatest movies, regardless of genre. The secret gay agenda of 'some like it hot' and i hate that the list itself re-contextualizes this movie that i like, 'final score' review: dave bautista wins one for the good guys.

The record-breaking ludicrous, sarcastic, drama joke top pick, some like it hot (1959) is a standout amongst the most entertaining, rambunctious movies at any point made. Film: some like it hot (certains l'aiment chaud) réalisateur: billy wilder acteurs: marylin monroe, tony curtis et jack lemmon année: 1959. Check out the exclusive tvguidecom movie review and see our movie rating for some like it hot. The review of this movie prepared by estefan ellison billy wilder outshoots himself in this classic black and white comedy for all time in some like it hot, marilyn monroe trumps all suits and leads this frolicking (some say. Movie house memories on the mhm podcast network reviews 1959's some like it hot starring marilyn monroe, tony curtis, and jack lemmon.

Re-viewing some like it hot is invariably a rewarding experience, not because it is a great comedy but because it is a great movie full review | original score: 10/10 peter canavese groucho reviews. Some like it hot is a 1959 national board of review awards: top ten films: some like it hot: won some like it hot at the tcm movie database some like it hot. Some like it hot was released in 1959 but its effervescence and sparkle are timeless i guarantee that it will make you laugh out loud august 28, 2018 | full review. Yes, some like it hot is a great movie full of wonderful lines and situations like the scene on the train where daphne ends up with a berth full of girls when all she really wants is a cup of sugar.

  • Some like it hot continues to make us blush, with a sexual nature that is quite incredible today, much less for 1959 wilder is a sneaky boy, packing innuendo at madcap speed wilder is a sneaky boy, packing innuendo at madcap speed.
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Some like it hot demonstrates wilder at the peak of his form marilyn monroe, who has remained a universal icon among movie stars longer perhaps than any other female star, is also at her peak in this film. Psychoanalysis in some like it hot i chose to study psychoanalysis for the film some like it hot because there are many examples of scopophilia, voyeurism, symbolism, fetishism, and the male gaze directed by billy wider in 1959 and starring jack lemmon, tony curtis, and of course, marilyn. Critic reviews for the latest english classic comedy romance movie some like it hot released in 1959 on bookmyshow. Metacritic based on 19 critics 85 based on 44 some like it hot was imbued with an inherent distrust of capitalism and big business that wilder regularly expressed in an only slightly covert.

some like it hot movie critique The all-time outrageous, satirical, comedy farce favorite, some like it hot (1959) is one of the most hilarious, raucous films ever made the ribald film is a clever combination of many elements: a spoof of 1920-30's gangster films with period costumes and speakeasies, and romance in a quasi.
Some like it hot movie critique
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